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big wall
laying living room slab
bedroom foundations
bedroom slab
old yard view
walls going up
start filling old pool
mom surveys
early lounge view
view from the top
pool filling
interesting pool fill
building fireplace
long way down
bedrooms begin
fireplace from back
fireplace from front
building bedrooms
entrance area
view across bedrooms
got wings
pool gone
bathroom doors
passage construction
bedroom doors
bulb house starts
bedroom trusses
plastering and trusses
vanessas office
sky light
isoboard begins
trusses with roofing
master bedroom roofed
master bedroom before ceiling
sunsets on new roof
bedroom down passage with plaster
link room windows
entrance starts
kitchen starts
master bedroom ceiling
between wings
link room into existing house
tying into existing roof
entrance taking shape
guest bathroom shapes up
roofing finishes
roofing going on
roof over kitchen
kitchen bulkhead - wrong
doors on bedroom wing
link room almost done
link room to ross study
both wings plasterd
entrance gets door frame
between wings plastered
bedrom doors get primer coat
bathroom progress
master bedroom gets undercoat
link room plastered
entrance gets glass
bedroom gets undercoat
back of fireplace
linking looking good
bedroom wing with window bands
kitchen bulkhead - fixed
entrance gets a rework
bathroom gets window bands
bedroom wing now with gutters
link room and plastering
between wings undercoat
back of fireplace with paint and window
entrance plastering
entrance roofing and paint
guest toilet
link room and study
entrance gets paint
back of fireplace painted
bedroom wing almost there
paint shows the plastering boo boos
more tiles
fireplace takes shape
link room almost there
guest toilet progressing
front door in the wrong place
door off and porthole gone - yay
bedroom wing gets paint
guest toilet receives toilet
guest bath begins
fireplace and shelf area
guest toilet almost there
entrance with new window
stuart contemplates
HMS pickford sets sail
toilet painting
kithcen carcass
master bathroom
master bath
bedroom wing almost done
study with door
a braai for the guys
wild chandelier
master bathroom almost complete
bathroom unit goes in
the fence goes up
evening across fence
guest bathroom
entrance takes shape
bathroom looking good
our garden
kitchen coming on
massive counter
moving day
boxes boxes
toilet almost done
ross study chaos
lounge getting furnished
our kitchen
patio progress
looking into lounge
master bath complete
master basins
bath in use
entrance paving
beginnings of herb garden
planting grass
first fire
the lounge today
kitchen and dining
james playroom
guest loo finished
james bathroom
james bedroom1
james bedroom2
master bedroom

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